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Ms. Himebaugh will aggressively, but ethically, advocate on behalf of her client's legal rights.  In return, Ms. Himebaugh asks that her clients tell her the truth and cooperate with her.


When time permits, it is Ms. Himebaugh's policy to send the client a draft of the petition or brief which is to be filed, before it is filed for the client's review, factual correction and comment.

Whenever possible Ms. Himebaugh prefers to communicate with her clients in writing, which is the most confidential and expedient means. Ms. Himebaugh puts her attorney control number on each letter to ensure that it is opened in the inmate's presence. Ms. Himebaugh tries to respond to correspondence at the end of each week.

In order to call Ms. Himebaugh, the client must place Ms. Himebaugh's phone number on his/her official call list. REMEMBER: The prison block phones are monitored and recorded and no confidential or sensitive information should be discussed.  If the client needs to speak about non-confidential matters (i.e. case status, hearing dates, etc.) over the block phone to Ms. Himebaugh, the client should have a family member/friend call/text Ms. Himebaugh and Ms. Himebaugh will advise as to which day and time that week she will be available to accept client calls. All client calls must be reserved in advance. Clients can sign up to reserve up to an hour time slot.

Legal (un-monitored) calls with the client can be arranged, but only under a limited number of circumstances.


Ms. Himebaugh does not accept “three way” phone calls or calls made on illegally possessed cell phones.

In order to keep fees and costs as low as possible, the quoted fees do not include an in person visitation with the client any place other than the courthouse if the client is incarcerated outside of the Philadelphia metropolitan area. If a visit is necessary and requires Ms. Himebaugh travel further, the additional fee and costs will be quoted based on the inmate's location and the related costs.


Ms. Himebaugh is now pre-scheduling all client calls. Please call or text her at (484) 686-3279 to request the next available date and times which are available to reserve.  Scheduling is done first come, first served. 




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